Starting a little revolution

At we are working hard to level the playing field for small businesses competing against global companies. With one in every five pounds spent by UK Consumers now being spent online, the giants are growing their market share by squeezing the little guys who can’t compete with huge marketing spend and vast search engine optimisation.

By providing a large-scale marketplace exclusively for small business sellers we can create the scale needed to compete with the giants whilst keeping costs low for our sellers, providing consumers a vast selection and solving the “default to large problem” where online buyers buy from the big names for convenience and security when they would often prefer to support small or local businesses.

Free Listings and Market Leading Low Commission has no upfront fees or charges. The seller only pays a small commission on sales made.

With some of the major players charging up to 40% commission to some small businesses the pricing structure never exceeds 10% for any type of sale and in some instances can be as low as 5%.

The Seller only pays a commission on items sold and their usual PayPal fees as they would with transactions elsewhere.

See our rates under FAQs,

Secure Checkout transactions are all managed through the security of Paypal’s world-leading platform so both buyers and sellers can transact in confidence and benefit from Paypal’s user protection policies.

Community is also committed to supporting Little Guys from all walks of the small business world and local communities. We will always pay taxes in the UK and will never use fancy structures to hide money from hard-working tax payers. As we grow we are also committed to local employment throughout the UK whenever practicable and to supporting local social causes from John O’Groats to Lands End and across to Northern Ireland. - Join the little revolution!

Meet the Founder

A Chartered Certified Accountant who specialised in supporting small businesses for ten years, Sarah founded in 2017 to challenge the imbalance faced by small businesses in competing with giant international competition.

Join the Little Revolution!