LIBRA Gemstone Bracelet Plus a FREE book Astrology the Secret Code & Bookmark. Free post UK Only

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My 'Astro' Power Bracelets are quite unique which makes them quite special to me. It's because they incorporate each star signs Birthstone and uniquely their opposite star signs, lucky Talisman. During my research I came across this 'Law of Polarity' and I have written a book about it, a book sent out free with every 'ASTRO' Power Bracelet ordered.

This 'Law of Polarity' states that everything has an opposite. In astrology it means that the opposite star sign becomes very important. That is, the meaning of one is enhanced by the knowledge of the other. If you imagine your star sign as representing you - the 'you' others can see - then your opposite is representative of your inner world, a world others can't see, a world from within: your inner thoughts: a world only you can visit. Finally as we go through mid-life we 'flip' over to the opposite side and that's called 'The Law of Polarity'and it's fascinating : there's more in my book 'Astrology the Secret Code' sent with this gift.

Please Note:- These bracelets are individually hand-crafted , our standard size is 7.25 inches. Don't worry if your wrist is either smaller or larger, just let us know and we will be more than happy to adjust the size accordingly for no extra charge.