Lenovo B50-50 charger 5A10H43621 ADP-45DW D ac adapter 20v 2.25a 45w power plug Ideapad 110 310 320

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Genuine Lenovo 20v 2.25a with 1.7pin charger specification:
Ac adapter Power: 45w
Power output: 20v 2.25a
Power input: 100-240v
Lenovo Part number: 5A10H43621, ADP45DW D
Tip pin size: 12mm x 4mm x 1.7mm (hole diameter)
Compatible part numbers: 5A10H43621, ADP-45DWD and many more to follow.
Lenovo Ac adapter warranty: 12months
Contents: Genuine Lenovo charger with plug
supports models such as:
Lenovo Yoga 310-11IAP
Lenovo Yoga 510-14IKB
Lenovo Yoga 510-15IKB
Lenovo Yoga 520-14IKB
Lenovo Yoga 710-11ISK
Lenovo Yoga 710-11IKB
Lenovo B50-50 laptop
Lenovo B110-14IBR laptop
Lenovo E41-10
Lenovo E41-15
Lenovo N21 Chromebook
Lenovo N22 Chromebook
Lenovo N42-20 Chromebook
Lenovo N42-20 Touch Chromebook
Lenovo N22-20 Touch Chromebook
Lenovo N22 Winbook
Lenovo N23 Winbook
Lenovo N24 Winbook
Lenovo N23 Chromebook
Lenovo V110-17ISK
Lenovo Flex 4-1130
Lenovo Flex 4-1435
Lenovo ADP-45DW D 20v 2.25a
Lenovo 5A10H43621
Lenovo PA-1450-55LK
Lenovo SA10M42530
Lenovo 100-15IBD
Lenovo 110-15IBR
Lenovo 110-14IBR
Lenovo 100-15IBY
Lenovo 110-14ISK
Lenovo 110-Touch
Lenovo 110-14
Lenovo 110-15
Lenovo Ideapad 110 20v 2.25a
Lenovo Ideapad 100 20v 2.25a
Lenovo 110-14AST
Lenovo 110-15AST
Lenovo 110-15IST
Lenovo 110-17ACL
Lenovo 110-17IKB
Lenovo 110-17ISK
Lenovo 110S-11IBR
Lenovo 110-15ISK
Lenovo 120S-11IAP Winbook
Lenovo 120S-14IAP Winbook
Lenovo 310-14IAP
Lenovo 310-15IAP
Lenovo 310S-11IAP
Lenovo 310S-14IKB
Lenovo 310S-15IKB
Lenovo 320 Touch-15ABR
Lenovo 320 Touch-15IKB
Lenovo 320-14AST
Lenovo 320-14IAP
Lenovo 320-14IKB
Lenovo 320H-14IKB
Lenovo 320L-14IKB
Lenovo 320R-14IKB
Lenovo 320E-14IKB
Lenovo 320E-14ISK
Lenovo 320R-14ISK
Lenovo 320L-14ISK
Lenovo 320H-14ISK
Lenovo 320-14ISK
Lenovo 320-15ABR
Lenovo 320-15AST