The Merlin Mystery Book by Jonathan Gunson, Marten Coombe. Illustrated first edition book 1998.

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The Merlin Mystery Book by Jonathan Gunson, Marten Coombe. Illustrated first edition book 1998. Condition: Near new with one exception to one small ding outer opening edge of back cover, apart from this, overall a nice clean quality used book.

Hundreds of years after a mysterious wand possessing extraordinary magical powers vanishes in an epic confrontation between three great wizards and evil sorcerers out to destroy the world, readers must unlock a magical spell that can help them find the wand.

The Merlin Mystery published by Voyager (HarperCollins) in 1998, written by Jonathan Gunson and illustrated by Marten Coombe. The book was translated into 7 languages, and tells of the love story between the Wizard Merlin and Nimue the water sprite, and their battle with the Dark Wizards for control of the Alchemist's wand.

The book is made up of 22 double page spreads. Each one has a border of 48 squares. Sometimes there is a picture inside the border, sometimes there is text telling the story. Littering every page are thousands of small images of objects such as playing cards, runes, statues, plants, zodiac signs, coins, witch hats, clocks, town criers, moons and stars.

Appox dimensions: 11.25 inches (28.5 cm) x 8.25 inches (21 cm) 45 pages of double illustrations and text.